Monster, Human, Other comes out in September 2017. 

Wren is human. Isaac is not. Having switched places at birth, they now live with each other’s families. Growing up among a different species is difficult—for Isaac, who has to keep many secrets, and for Wren, who is teased for her lousy human senses. They’re told it’s necessary, though. The exchange is the first step in an ambassador program meant to ensure peace.               

But not everyone wants peace. There are creatures that live deep underground, coming up to the surface to feed. For them, war means food. They have a plan to stir up trouble, and so far, it’s working. In the end, it’s up to Wren and Isaac to prevent a war and to save both their kinds.                                         
Monster, Human, Other is recommended for children ages 8 to 12. You can pre-order it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your local bookstore.

Can't wait for Monster, Human, Other? Dead Boy, my debut middle grade novel, is available now.

Praise for Dead Boy:

"Gale takes readers on a dark and surprisingly funny journey.... A great recommendation to middle grade fans of dark humor." –School Library Journal

"A stinky, creepy tale for anyone who's ever felt like an outsider." –Kirkus Reviews

Dead Boy 
is recommended for children ages 8 to 12.